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Club Statistics for Sky Bet League One Playoffs 19/20

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Sky Bet League One Playoffs 19/20 Youngest appearances

MD Players Clubs Nationality DOB A(D)
03-Jul-2020Lewis Gibson

Lewis Gibson

Fleetwood Town England19-Jul-200019(349)
03-Jul-2020Nnamdi Ofoborh

Nnamdi Ofoborh

Wycombe Wanderers England07-Nov-199920(239)
03-Jul-2020Ben Woodburn

Ben Woodburn

Oxford United England15-Oct-199920(262)
03-Jul-2020Harry Souttar

Harry Souttar

Fleetwood Town Australia22-Oct-199821(255)
03-Jul-2020Alex Bass

Alex Bass

Portsmouth England01-Apr-199822(94)
03-Jul-2020Ross McCrorie

Ross McCrorie

Portsmouth Scotland18-Mar-199822(108)
06-Jul-2020Steve Seddon

Steve Seddon

Portsmouth England25-Dec-199722(194)
03-Jul-2020Marcus Browne

Marcus Browne

Oxford United England18-Dec-199722(198)
03-Jul-2020Callum Connolly

Callum Connolly

Fleetwood Town England23-Sep-199722(284)
03-Jul-2020Alex Pattison

Alex Pattison

Wycombe Wanderers England06-Sep-199722(301)
06-Jul-2020Mark Sykes

Mark Sykes

Oxford United Northern Ireland04-Aug-199722(337)
03-Jul-2020Harvey Saunders

Harvey Saunders

Fleetwood Town England20-Jul-199722(349)
03-Jul-2020Dan Agyei

Dan Agyei

Oxford United England01-Jun-199723(32)
03-Jul-2020Elliott Moore

Elliott Moore

Oxford United England16-Mar-199723(109)
03-Jul-2020Fred Onyedinma

Fred Onyedinma

Wycombe Wanderers England24-Nov-199623(221)
03-Jul-2020Cameron Brannagan

Cameron Brannagan

Oxford United England09-May-199624(55)
03-Jul-2020Bryn Morris

Bryn Morris

Portsmouth England25-Apr-199624(69)
03-Jul-2020Ronan Curtis

Ronan Curtis

Portsmouth Republic of Ireland29-Mar-199624(96)
03-Jul-2020Andy Cannon

Andy Cannon

Portsmouth England14-Mar-199624(111)
03-Jul-2020Robert Dickie

Robert Dickie

Oxford United England03-Mar-199624(122)
06-Jul-2020Macauley Southam-Hales

Macauley Southam-Hales

Fleetwood Town Wales02-Feb-199624(155)
13-Jul-2020Liam Kelly

Liam Kelly

Oxford United Republic of Ireland22-Nov-199524(234)
06-Jul-2020Jamie Hanson

Jamie Hanson

Oxford United England10-Nov-199524(239)
06-Jul-2020Nick Freeman

Nick Freeman

Wycombe Wanderers England07-Nov-199524(242)
03-Jul-2020Wes Burns

Wes Burns

Fleetwood Town Wales28-Oct-199524(249)
03-Jul-2020Lewie Coyle

Lewie Coyle

Fleetwood Town England15-Oct-199524(262)
03-Jul-2020Alex Samuel

Alex Samuel

Wycombe Wanderers Wales20-Sep-199524(287)
03-Jul-2020Kyle Dempsey

Kyle Dempsey

Fleetwood Town England17-Sep-199524(290)
03-Jul-2020Cameron McGeehan

Cameron McGeehan

Portsmouth England06-Apr-199525(89)
03-Jul-2020Sam Long

Sam Long

Oxford United England16-Jan-199525(169)
03-Jul-2020Barry McKay

Barry McKay

Fleetwood Town Scotland30-Dec-199425(186)
03-Jul-2020Dominic Gape

Dominic Gape

Wycombe Wanderers England09-Sep-199425(298)
03-Jul-2020James Bolton

James Bolton

Portsmouth England13-Aug-199425(325)
03-Jul-2020Marcus Harness

Marcus Harness

Portsmouth England01-Aug-199425(337)
03-Jul-2020Jack Grimmer

Jack Grimmer

Wycombe Wanderers Scotland01-Feb-199426(153)
03-Jul-2020Ellis Harrison

Ellis Harrison

Portsmouth Wales29-Jan-199426(156)
03-Jul-2020Anthony Forde

Anthony Forde

Oxford United Republic of Ireland16-Nov-199326(230)
03-Jul-2020Ryan Williams

Ryan Williams

Portsmouth Australia28-Oct-199326(249)
03-Jul-2020Josh Ruffels

Josh Ruffels

Oxford United England23-Oct-199326(254)
13-Jul-2020Curtis Thompson

Curtis Thompson

Wycombe Wanderers England02-Sep-199326(315)
03-Jul-2020Alex Rodriguez Gorrin

Alex Rodriguez Gorrin

Oxford United Spain01-Aug-199326(337)
03-Jul-2020Sean Raggett

Sean Raggett

Portsmouth England17-Apr-199327(77)
03-Jul-2020Alex Cairns

Alex Cairns

Fleetwood Town England04-Jan-199327(180)
03-Jul-2020Anthony Stewart

Anthony Stewart

Wycombe Wanderers England18-Sep-199227(288)
03-Jul-2020Ryan Allsop

Ryan Allsop

Wycombe Wanderers England17-Jun-199228(16)
03-Jul-2020John Marquis

John Marquis

Portsmouth England16-May-199228(48)
06-Jul-2020Oliver Hawkins

Oliver Hawkins

Portsmouth England08-Apr-199228(89)
03-Jul-2020Christian Burgess

Christian Burgess

Portsmouth England07-Oct-199128(270)
03-Jul-2020Josh Morris

Josh Morris

Fleetwood Town England30-Sep-199128(277)
03-Jul-2020David Wheeler

David Wheeler

Wycombe Wanderers England01-Feb-199129(153)

MD = Match date,

DOB = Date Of Birth,

A(D) = Age(Days).