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Club Statistics for Sky Bet League One Playoffs 18/19

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Sky Bet League One Playoffs 18/19 Youngest appearances

MD Players Clubs Nationality DOB A(D)
12-May-2019Albie Morgan

Albie Morgan

Charlton Athletic England02-Feb-200019(99)
12-May-2019Mallik Wilks

Mallik Wilks

Doncaster Rovers England15-Dec-199820(148)
12-May-2019Herbie Kane

Herbie Kane

Doncaster Rovers England23-Nov-199820(170)
12-May-2019Krystian Bielik

Krystian Bielik

Charlton Athletic Poland04-Jan-199821(128)
11-May-2019Jimmy Dunne

Jimmy Dunne

Sunderland Republic of Ireland19-Oct-199721(204)
11-May-2019Anton Walkes

Anton Walkes

Portsmouth England08-Feb-199722(92)
12-May-2019Anfernee Dijksteel

Anfernee Dijksteel

Charlton Athletic Netherlands27-Oct-199622(197)
11-May-2019Lewis Morgan

Lewis Morgan

Sunderland Scotland30-Sep-199622(223)
11-May-2019Matthew Clarke

Matthew Clarke

Portsmouth England22-Sep-199622(231)
11-May-2019Ben Close

Ben Close

Portsmouth England08-Aug-199622(276)
12-May-2019Ben Whiteman

Ben Whiteman

Doncaster Rovers England17-Jun-199622(329)
12-May-2019Ben Purrington

Ben Purrington

Charlton Athletic England05-May-199623(6)
16-May-2019Bryn Morris

Bryn Morris

Portsmouth England25-Apr-199623(20)
12-May-2019Josh Cullen

Josh Cullen

Charlton Athletic Republic of Ireland07-Apr-199623(34)
11-May-2019Ronan Curtis

Ronan Curtis

Portsmouth Republic of Ireland29-Mar-199623(42)
12-May-2019Joe Aribo

Joe Aribo

Charlton Athletic England27-Jan-199623(105)
11-May-2019Viv Solomon-Otabor

Viv Solomon-Otabor

Portsmouth Nigeria02-Jan-199623(129)
11-May-2019Lynden Gooch

Lynden Gooch

Sunderland United States24-Dec-199523(138)
12-May-2019Dillon Phillips

Dillon Phillips

Charlton Athletic England11-Jun-199523(335)
17-May-2019Joe Wright

Joe Wright

Doncaster Rovers England26-Feb-199524(80)
11-May-2019Luke O

Luke O'Nien

Sunderland England21-Nov-199424(171)
12-May-2019Kieran Sadlier

Kieran Sadlier

Doncaster Rovers Republic of Ireland14-Sep-199424(240)
11-May-2019George Honeyman

George Honeyman

Sunderland England08-Sep-199424(245)
11-May-2019Jamal Lowe

Jamal Lowe

Portsmouth England27-Jan-199425(104)
12-May-2019Marko Marosi

Marko Marosi

Doncaster Rovers Slovakia23-Oct-199325(201)
17-May-2019Jonathan Williams

Jonathan Williams

Charlton Athletic Wales09-Oct-199325(220)
12-May-2019Mahamadou-Naby Sarr

Mahamadou-Naby Sarr

Charlton Athletic France13-Aug-199325(272)
11-May-2019Max Power

Max Power

Sunderland England27-Jul-199325(288)
11-May-2019Omar Bogle

Omar Bogle

Portsmouth England26-Jul-199325(289)
12-May-2019Alfie May

Alfie May

Doncaster Rovers England02-Jul-199325(314)
11-May-2019Craig MacGillivray

Craig MacGillivray

Portsmouth Scotland12-Jan-199326(119)
11-May-2019Charlie Wyke

Charlie Wyke

Sunderland England06-Dec-199226(156)
11-May-2019Alim Ozturk

Alim Ozturk

Sunderland Turkey17-Nov-199226(175)
12-May-2019Patrick Bauer

Patrick Bauer

Charlton Athletic Germany28-Oct-199226(196)
12-May-2019John Marquis

John Marquis

Doncaster Rovers England16-May-199226(361)
11-May-2019Oliver Hawkins

Oliver Hawkins

Portsmouth England08-Apr-199227(32)
11-May-2019Tom Flanagan

Tom Flanagan

Sunderland Northern Ireland17-Jan-199227(114)
12-May-2019Paul Downing

Paul Downing

Doncaster Rovers England26-Oct-199127(198)
11-May-2019Christian Burgess

Christian Burgess

Portsmouth England07-Oct-199127(216)
17-May-2019Ali Crawford

Ali Crawford

Doncaster Rovers Scotland30-Jul-199127(291)
16-May-2019Will Grigg

Will Grigg

Sunderland Northern Ireland03-Jul-199127(317)
11-May-2019Tom Naylor

Tom Naylor

Portsmouth England28-Jun-199127(317)
17-May-2019Chris Solly

Chris Solly

Charlton Athletic England20-Jan-199128(117)
12-May-2019Danny Andrew

Danny Andrew

Doncaster Rovers England23-Dec-199028(140)
12-May-2019Josh Parker

Josh Parker

Charlton Athletic Antigua and Barbuda01-Dec-199028(162)
11-May-2019Nathan Thompson

Nathan Thompson

Portsmouth England09-Nov-199028(183)
16-May-2019Lee Brown

Lee Brown

Portsmouth England10-Aug-199028(279)
12-May-2019Lyle Taylor

Lyle Taylor

Charlton Athletic England29-Mar-199029(44)
11-May-2019Bryan Oviedo

Bryan Oviedo

Sunderland Costa Rica18-Feb-199029(82)
12-May-2019Matty Blair

Matty Blair

Doncaster Rovers England21-Jun-198929(325)

MD = Match date,

DOB = Date Of Birth,

A(D) = Age(Days).