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Club Statistics for 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifying N&C America

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2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifying N&C America Oldest appearances

MD Players Clubs Nationality DOB A(D)
17-Nov-2015Noel Valladares

Noel Valladares

Honduras Honduras03-May-197738(198)
26-Mar-2016Rafael Marquez (Mex)

Rafael Marquez (Mex)

Mexico Mexico13-Feb-197937(42)
26-Mar-2016Tim Howard

Tim Howard

United States United States06-Mar-197937(21)
26-Mar-2016Carlos Ruiz

Carlos Ruiz

Guatemala Guatemala15-Sep-197936(193)
14-Nov-2015Moises Munoz

Moises Munoz

Mexico Mexico01-Feb-198035(287)
30-Mar-2016Jose Corona

Jose Corona

Mexico Mexico26-Jan-198135(64)
30-Mar-2016Donis Escobar

Donis Escobar

Honduras Honduras03-Feb-198135(56)
30-Mar-2016Felipe Baloy

Felipe Baloy

Panama Panama24-Feb-198135(35)
30-Mar-2016Blas Perez

Blas Perez

Panama Panama13-Mar-198135(18)
30-Mar-2016Julian De Guzman

Julian De Guzman

Canada Canada25-Mar-198135(6)
14-Nov-2015Jean-Jacques Pierre

Jean-Jacques Pierre

Haiti Haiti23-Jan-198134(295)
30-Mar-2016Jaime Penedo

Jaime Penedo

Panama Panama26-Sep-198134(186)
30-Mar-2016Jobi McAnuff

Jobi McAnuff

Jamaica Jamaica09-Nov-198134(142)
17-Nov-2015Jermaine Jones

Jermaine Jones

United States United States03-Nov-198134(14)
30-Mar-2016Paulo Cesar Motta

Paulo Cesar Motta

Guatemala Guatemala29-Mar-198234(2)
18-Nov-2015Luis Henriquez

Luis Henriquez

Panama Panama23-Nov-198133(360)
30-Mar-2016Kyle Beckerman

Kyle Beckerman

United States United States23-Apr-198233(342)
17-Nov-2015Dennis Lopez

Dennis Lopez

Guatemala Guatemala02-Jan-198233(319)
30-Mar-2016Lee Williamson

Lee Williamson

Jamaica Jamaica07-Jun-198233(297)
30-Mar-2016Emerald George

Emerald George

St Vincent Saint Vincent and the Grenadin03-Aug-198233(240)
18-Nov-2015Alvaro Saborio

Alvaro Saborio

Costa Rica Costa Rica25-Mar-198233(238)
30-Mar-2016Luis Tejada

Luis Tejada

Panama Panama23-Aug-198233(220)
18-Nov-2015Patrick Pemberton

Patrick Pemberton

Costa Rica Costa Rica24-Apr-198233(208)
26-Mar-2016Alfredo Talavera

Alfredo Talavera

Mexico Mexico18-Sep-198233(190)
14-Nov-2015Yuvini Salamanca

Yuvini Salamanca

El Salvador El Salvador22-May-198233(176)
17-Nov-2015Fredy Thompson

Fredy Thompson

Guatemala Guatemala02-Jun-198233(168)
30-Mar-2016Atiba Hutchinson

Atiba Hutchinson

Canada Canada08-Feb-198333(51)
30-Mar-2016Clint Dempsey

Clint Dempsey

United States United States09-Mar-198333(22)
17-Nov-2015Kim Jaggy

Kim Jaggy

Haiti Haiti14-Nov-198233(3)
17-Nov-2015Shandel Samuel

Shandel Samuel

St Vincent Saint Vincent and the Grenadin14-Dec-198232(338)
30-Mar-2016Maynor Figueroa

Maynor Figueroa

Honduras Honduras02-May-198332(333)
30-Mar-2016Jhonny Acosta

Jhonny Acosta

Costa Rica Costa Rica21-Jul-198332(253)
30-Mar-2016Demar Phillips

Demar Phillips

Jamaica Jamaica23-Sep-198332(189)
17-Nov-2015Frantz Bertin

Frantz Bertin

Haiti Haiti30-May-198332(171)
30-Mar-2016Je Vaughn Watson

Je Vaughn Watson

Jamaica Jamaica22-Oct-198332(160)
26-Mar-2016Hamilton Lopez

Hamilton Lopez

Guatemala Guatemala26-Oct-198332(152)
30-Mar-2016Roy Richards

Roy Richards

St Vincent 24-Nov-198332(127)
14-Nov-2015Amilcar Henriquez

Amilcar Henriquez

Panama Panama02-Aug-198332(104)
26-Mar-2016Roberto Nurse

Roberto Nurse

Panama Panama16-Dec-198332(101)
30-Mar-2016Wes Morgan

Wes Morgan

Jamaica Jamaica21-Jan-198432(69)
18-Nov-2015Junior Diaz

Junior Diaz

Costa Rica Costa Rica12-Sep-198332(67)
30-Mar-2016Clayton Donaldson

Clayton Donaldson

Jamaica Jamaica07-Feb-198432(52)
30-Mar-2016Cristian Bolanos

Cristian Bolanos

Costa Rica Costa Rica17-May-198431(318)
14-Nov-2015Oribe Peralta

Oribe Peralta

Mexico Mexico12-Jan-198431(307)
30-Mar-2016Gabriel Gomez

Gabriel Gomez

Panama Panama29-May-198431(305)
30-Mar-2016Marvin Phillip

Marvin Phillip

Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago01-Aug-198431(241)
30-Mar-2016Oscar Boniek Garcia

Oscar Boniek Garcia

Honduras Honduras04-Sep-198431(207)
30-Mar-2016Shawn Benjamin

Shawn Benjamin

St Vincent 05-Sep-198431(207)
30-Mar-2016Brad Guzan

Brad Guzan

United States United States09-Sep-198431(202)
30-Mar-2016Kenwyne Jones

Kenwyne Jones

Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago05-Oct-198431(176)

MD = Match date,

DOB = Date Of Birth,

A(D) = Age(Days).