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All Statistics for RB Leipzig , UEFA Europa League

RB Leipzig

RB Leipzig

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UEFA Europa League RB Leipzig Most conceded goals in a game (Individual Team)

Goals VS Club Date Sections
5Olympique Marseille12-04-2018Quarter-finalsMatch details
3Salzburg20-09-2018Group StageMatch details
2Celtic08-11-2018Group StageMatch details
2Napoli22-02-2018Round of 32Match details
1Rosenborg BK13-12-2018Group StageMatch details
1Salzburg29-11-2018Group StageMatch details
1Rosenborg BK04-10-2018Group StageMatch details
1Zenit St Petersburg15-03-2018Round of 16Match details
1Zenit St Petersburg08-03-2018Round of 16Match details
1Napoli15-02-2018Round of 32Match details