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Club Statistics for PSV Eindhoven , UEFA Europa League 20/21

PSV Eindhoven

PSV Eindhoven

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UEFA Europa League 20/21 PSV Eindhoven Player standing - Round of 32

Players Clubs Position Total Goals A Yellow Card Red and Yellow Card Red Card Start Sub CO Off Pen S Pen SV Pen M Pen C OG More
Eran ZahaviPSV EindhovenMidfielder240000200100000
Ryan ThomasPSV EindhovenMidfielder201000200200000
Philipp MaxPSV EindhovenDefender201100200000000
Mario GotzePSV EindhovenMidfielder200000200200000
Olivier BoscagliPSV EindhovenDefender200000200100000
Jordan TezePSV EindhovenDefender200000200000000
Donyell MalenPSV EindhovenForward200100200000000
Pablo RosarioPSV EindhovenMidfielder200100200000000
Yvon Landry MvogoPSV EindhovenGoalkeeper200000200000000
Denzel DumfriesPSV EindhovenDefender200000200000000
Mauro JuniorPSV EindhovenMidfielder200000022000000
Yorbe VertessenPSV EindhovenForward200000022000000
Ibrahim SangarePSV EindhovenMidfielder101100100100000
Nick ViergeverPSV EindhovenDefender100000100000000
Timo BaumgartlPSV EindhovenDefender100000021000000
Marco van GinkelPSV EindhovenMidfielder100000021000000
Erick GutierrezPSV EindhovenMidfielder100000021000000
Vincent MullerPSV EindhovenGoalkeeper000000010000000
Lars UnnerstallPSV EindhovenGoalkeeper000000020000000
Joel PiroePSV EindhovenForward000000020000000
Adrian FeinPSV EindhovenMidfielder000000020000000
Maxime DelanghePSV EindhovenGoalkeeper000000010000000
Mohammed IhattarenPSV EindhovenForward000000010000000

A = Assists,

CS = Clean sheets Full

Sub = Started as a sub,

CO = Came on,

Off = Taken off,

S = Scored,

M = Missed,

Total = Total appearances,

OG = Own goals.