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Club Statistics for Carling Nations Cup 2011

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Carling Nations Cup 2011 Oldest appearances

MD Players Clubs Nationality DOB A(D)
29-May-2011Shay Given

Shay Given

Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland20-Apr-197635(39)
09-Feb-2011Stephen Craigan

Stephen Craigan

Northern Ireland Northern Ireland21-Oct-197634(111)
29-May-2011Barry Robson

Barry Robson

Scotland Scotland07-Nov-197832(203)
08-Feb-2011Damien Duff

Damien Duff

Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland02-Mar-197931(344)
27-May-2011Craig Bellamy

Craig Bellamy

Wales Wales13-Jul-197931(318)
27-May-2011Daniel Gabbidon

Daniel Gabbidon

Wales Wales08-Aug-197931(292)
27-May-2011Gareth McAuley

Gareth McAuley

Northern Ireland Northern Ireland05-Dec-197931(173)
29-May-2011Kenny Miller

Kenny Miller

Scotland Scotland23-Dec-197931(157)
24-May-2011David Forde

David Forde

Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland20-Dec-197931(155)
08-Feb-2011Richard Dunne

Richard Dunne

Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland21-Sep-197931(141)
29-May-2011Robbie Keane

Robbie Keane

Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland08-Jul-198030(325)
29-May-2011Stephen Hunt

Stephen Hunt

Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland01-Aug-198030(301)
09-Feb-2011Grant McCann

Grant McCann

Northern Ireland Northern Ireland15-Apr-198030(300)
27-May-2011Danny Collins

Danny Collins

Wales Wales06-Aug-198030(294)
29-May-2011Keith Andrews

Keith Andrews

Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland18-Sep-198030(253)
09-Feb-2011Steven Caldwell

Steven Caldwell

Scotland Scotland12-Sep-198030(150)
27-May-2011Warren Feeney

Warren Feeney

Northern Ireland Northern Ireland17-Jan-198130(130)
27-May-2011Rob Earnshaw

Rob Earnshaw

Wales Wales06-Apr-198130(51)
25-May-2011Stephen Crainey

Stephen Crainey

Scotland Scotland22-Jun-198129(337)
24-May-2011Damien Delaney

Damien Delaney

Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland20-Jul-198129(308)
08-Feb-2011John O

John O'Shea

Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland30-Apr-198129(284)
24-May-2011Alan Blayney

Alan Blayney

Northern Ireland Northern Ireland09-Oct-198129(227)
29-May-2011Liam Lawrence

Liam Lawrence

Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland14-Dec-198129(166)
25-May-2011Jermaine Easter

Jermaine Easter

Wales Wales15-Jan-198229(130)
08-Feb-2011Sam Ricketts

Sam Ricketts

Wales Wales11-Oct-198129(120)
29-May-2011Allan McGregor

Allan McGregor

Scotland Scotland31-Jan-198229(118)
25-May-2011Gary Caldwell

Gary Caldwell

Scotland Scotland12-Apr-198229(43)
27-May-2011Andy Dorman

Andy Dorman

Wales Wales01-May-198229(26)
09-Feb-2011Chris Baird

Chris Baird

Northern Ireland Northern Ireland25-Feb-198228(349)
25-May-2011Boaz Myhill

Boaz Myhill

Wales Wales09-Nov-198228(197)
29-May-2011Keith Fahey

Keith Fahey

Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland15-Jan-198328(134)
27-May-2011David Vaughan

David Vaughan

Wales Wales18-Feb-198328(98)
08-Feb-2011Paul Green

Paul Green

Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland10-Apr-198327(304)
27-May-2011Steve Morison

Steve Morison

Wales Wales29-Aug-198327(271)
29-May-2011Stephen Kelly

Stephen Kelly

Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland06-Sep-198327(265)
08-Feb-2011James Collins

James Collins

Wales Wales23-Aug-198327(169)
09-Feb-2011Kris Commons

Kris Commons

Scotland Scotland30-Aug-198327(163)
08-Feb-2011Kevin Doyle

Kevin Doyle

Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland18-Sep-198327(143)
08-Feb-2011Jonathan Walters

Jonathan Walters

Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland20-Sep-198327(141)
24-May-2011Sammy Clingan

Sammy Clingan

Northern Ireland Northern Ireland13-Jan-198427(131)
08-Feb-2011Freddy Eastwood

Freddy Eastwood

Wales Wales29-Oct-198327(102)
09-Feb-2011Patrick McCourt

Patrick McCourt

Northern Ireland Northern Ireland16-Dec-198327(55)
08-Feb-2011Glenn Whelan

Glenn Whelan

Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland13-Jan-198427(26)
29-May-2011Steven Whittaker

Steven Whittaker

Scotland Scotland16-Jun-198426(347)
27-May-2011Lewis Price

Lewis Price

Wales Wales19-Jul-198426(312)
08-Feb-2011Andrew Crofts

Andrew Crofts

Wales Wales29-May-198426(255)
09-Feb-2011Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson

Scotland Scotland05-Jun-198426(249)
27-May-2011Owain Tudur Jones

Owain Tudur Jones

Wales Wales15-Oct-198426(224)
29-May-2011Kevin Foley

Kevin Foley

Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland01-Nov-198426(209)
09-Feb-2011Rory Patterson

Rory Patterson

Northern Ireland Northern Ireland16-Jul-198426(208)

MD = Match date,

DOB = Date Of Birth,

A(D) = Age(Days).