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Club Statistics for CONCACAF Gold Cup 2021

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CONCACAF Gold Cup 2021 Youngest goal scorers

DOB Players Clubs Nationality SD A(D) More
17-May-2002Theo Corbeanu

Theo Corbeanu

Canada Canada11-Jul-202119(53)
13-Mar-2001Matthew Hoppe

Matthew Hoppe

United States United States26-Jul-202120(134)
25-Jul-2000Nicholas Gioacchini

Nicholas Gioacchini

United States United States16-Jul-202120(355)
03-Jun-2000Daryl Dike

Daryl Dike

United States United States16-Jul-202121(42)
08-Jan-2000Matthias Phaeton

Matthias Phaeton

Guadaloupe Guadeloupe21-Jul-202121(195)
25-Aug-1999Homan Ahmed

Homan Ahmed

Qatar Qatar21-Jul-202121(329)
31-May-1999Samuel Vines

Samuel Vines

United States United States12-Jul-202122(40)
08-Feb-1999Tajon Buchanan

Tajon Buchanan

Canada Canada30-Jul-202122(173)
17-Aug-1998Walmer Martinez

Walmer Martinez

El Salvador El Salvador15-Jul-202122(331)
19-Jun-1998Jose Luis Rodriguez

Jose Luis Rodriguez

Panama Panama21-Jul-202123(31)
16-Mar-1997Sharmar Nicholson

Sharmar Nicholson

Jamaica Jamaica12-Jul-202124(116)
14-Mar-1997Miles Robinson

Miles Robinson

United States United States16-Jul-202124(123)
21-Dec-1996Stephen Eustaquio

Stephen Eustaquio

Canada Canada11-Jul-202124(202)
18-Nov-1996Akram Afif

Akram Afif

Qatar Qatar14-Jul-202124(238)
02-Nov-1996Shaquell Moore

Shaquell Moore

United States United States18-Jul-202124(258)
28-Sep-1996Romar Frank

Romar Frank

Grenada Grenada21-Jul-202124(296)
22-Sep-1996Reon Moore

Reon Moore

Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago19-Jul-202124(300)
19-Aug-1996Almoez Ali

Almoez Ali

Qatar Qatar14-Jul-202124(328)
28-Jul-1996Alex Roldan

Alex Roldan

El Salvador El Salvador12-Jul-202124(348)
04-May-1996Raphael Mirval

Raphael Mirval

Guadaloupe Guadeloupe13-Jul-202125(69)
24-Mar-1996Orbelin Pineda

Orbelin Pineda

Mexico Mexico15-Jul-202125(111)
25-Jan-1996Edwin Solano

Edwin Solano

Honduras Honduras14-Jul-202125(170)
28-Jan-1996Cesar Yanis

Cesar Yanis

Panama Panama18-Jul-202125(171)
16-Jan-1996Junior Flemmings

Junior Flemmings

Jamaica Jamaica16-Jul-202125(181)
10-May-1995Stephane Lambese

Stephane Lambese

Haiti Haiti16-Jul-202126(66)
17-Apr-1995Cyle Larin

Cyle Larin

Canada Canada11-Jul-202126(84)
27-Sep-1994Ariel Lassiter

Ariel Lassiter

Costa Rica Costa Rica13-Jul-202126(289)
17-Aug-1994Geraldo Gordillo

Geraldo Gordillo

Guatemala Guatemala19-Jul-202126(336)
20-Dec-1993Mohammed Muntari

Mohammed Muntari

Qatar Qatar18-Jul-202127(210)
31-Aug-1993Jairo Henriquez

Jairo Henriquez

El Salvador El Salvador15-Jul-202127(317)

SD = Scored Date ,

DOB = Date Of Birth ,

A(D) = Age(Days) .