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Club Statistics for Carabao Cup 22/23

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Carabao Cup 22/23 Youngest appearances

MD Players Clubs Nationality DOB A(D)
10-Aug-2022Lucas Bergstrom

Lucas Bergstrom

Peterborough United Finland05-Sep-20201(339)
09-Aug-2022Oscar Massey

Oscar Massey

Swindon Town England20-Jan-200616(201)
10-Aug-2022Ashley Phillips

Ashley Phillips

Blackburn Rovers England26-Jun-200517(45)
10-Aug-2022Jake Batty

Jake Batty

Blackburn Rovers England05-Apr-200517(127)
09-Aug-2022Jacob Slater

Jacob Slater

Preston North End England05-Oct-200417(308)
10-Aug-2022Thierry Small

Thierry Small

Port Vale England01-Aug-200418(9)
09-Aug-2022Josh Williams

Josh Williams

Luton Town Wales13-Jul-200418(27)
09-Aug-2022Mikey O

Mikey O'Neill

Preston North End England08-Jun-200418(62)
10-Aug-2022Adam Wharton

Adam Wharton

Blackburn Rovers England02-Jun-200418(69)
09-Aug-2022Brodie Spencer

Brodie Spencer

Huddersfield Town Northern Ireland06-May-200418(95)
10-Aug-2022Sonny Finch

Sonny Finch

Middlesbrough England05-May-200418(97)
11-Aug-2022Ollie Arblaster

Ollie Arblaster

Sheffield United England05-May-200418(98)
11-Aug-2022Reyes Cleary

Reyes Cleary

West Bromwich Albion England13-Apr-200418(120)
09-Aug-2022Ben Nelson

Ben Nelson

Rochdale Scotland18-Mar-200418(144)
09-Aug-2022Harrison Minturn

Harrison Minturn

Swindon Town England26-Dec-200318(227)
09-Aug-2022Lewis Leigh

Lewis Leigh

Preston North End England05-Dec-200318(248)
10-Aug-2022Ryan Howley

Ryan Howley

Coventry City England23-Nov-200318(261)
10-Aug-2022Caden Kelly

Caden Kelly

Sunderland England20-Nov-200318(264)
10-Aug-2022Tayo Adaramola

Tayo Adaramola

Coventry City Republic of Ireland14-Nov-200318(270)
09-Aug-2022George Cowmeadow

George Cowmeadow

Swindon Town England03-Nov-200318(280)
10-Aug-2022Callum Doyle

Callum Doyle

Coventry City England03-Oct-200318(312)
09-Aug-2022James Balagizi

James Balagizi

Crawley Town England20-Sep-200318(324)
10-Aug-2022Alex Scott

Alex Scott

Bristol City England21-Aug-200318(355)
09-Aug-2022Vaughn Covil

Vaughn Covil

Hull City England26-Jul-200319(14)
10-Aug-2022Aiden Marsh

Aiden Marsh

Barnsley England05-May-200319(97)
10-Aug-2022Ellis Taylor

Ellis Taylor

Hartlepool United England14-Apr-200319(118)
11-Aug-2022Tom Fellows

Tom Fellows

West Bromwich Albion England09-Apr-200319(124)
09-Aug-2022Etienne Camara

Etienne Camara

Huddersfield Town France30-Mar-200319(132)
09-Aug-2022Alvaro Fernandez

Alvaro Fernandez

Preston North End Spain23-Mar-200319(139)
09-Aug-2022Mo Dabre

Mo Dabre

Swindon Town England22-Jan-200319(199)
09-Aug-2022Flynn Clarke

Flynn Clarke

Walsall Scotland19-Dec-200219(233)
10-Aug-2022Charlie O

Charlie O'Connell

Peterborough United England19-Dec-200219(234)
02-Aug-2022Charlie Cresswell

Charlie Cresswell

Millwall England07-Dec-200219(238)
10-Aug-2022Joe Taylor

Joe Taylor

Peterborough United England18-Nov-200219(265)
10-Aug-2022Tyler Morton

Tyler Morton

Blackburn Rovers England31-Oct-200219(283)
10-Aug-2022Nigel Lonwijk

Nigel Lonwijk

Plymouth Argyle Netherlands27-Oct-200219(287)
09-Aug-2022Mazeed Ogungbo

Mazeed Ogungbo

Crawley Town Republic of Ireland20-Oct-200219(293)
11-Aug-2022James McAtee

James McAtee

Sheffield United England18-Oct-200219(297)
09-Aug-2022Harry Parsons

Harry Parsons

Swindon Town England09-Oct-200219(304)
10-Aug-2022Michael Spellman

Michael Spellman

Sunderland England21-Sep-200219(323)
09-Aug-2022Cieran Slicker

Cieran Slicker

Rochdale Scotland15-Sep-200219(328)
11-Aug-2022Zac Ashworth

Zac Ashworth

West Bromwich Albion England06-Sep-200219(339)
10-Aug-2022Tommy Conway

Tommy Conway

Bristol City England06-Aug-200220(4)
10-Aug-2022Harrison Sohna

Harrison Sohna

Sunderland England01-Jul-200220(40)
10-Aug-2022Hayden Hackney

Hayden Hackney

Middlesbrough England26-Jun-200220(45)
09-Aug-2022Luca Hoole

Luca Hoole

Bristol Rovers Wales02-Jun-200220(68)
10-Aug-2022Isaac Fletcher

Isaac Fletcher

Middlesbrough England01-Jun-200220(70)
09-Aug-2022Ryan Jones

Ryan Jones

Bristol Rovers England23-May-200220(78)
11-Aug-2022Kyron Gordon

Kyron Gordon

Sheffield United England24-May-200220(79)
10-Aug-2022Samuel Bell

Samuel Bell

Bristol City England23-May-200220(79)

MD = Match date,

DOB = Date Of Birth,

A(D) = Age(Days).