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Club Statistics for Sky Bet League One Playoffs 20/21

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Sky Bet League One Playoffs 20/21 Youngest appearances

MD Players Clubs Nationality DOB A(D)
19-May-2021Morgan Rogers

Morgan Rogers

Lincoln City England26-Jul-200218(298)
19-May-2021Brennan Johnson

Brennan Johnson

Lincoln City Wales23-May-200119(361)
18-May-2021Ellis Simms

Ellis Simms

Blackpool England05-Jan-200120(133)
19-May-2021Jack Diamond

Jack Diamond

Sunderland England12-Dec-200020(158)
19-May-2021Josef Bursik

Josef Bursik

Lincoln City England12-Jul-200020(311)
19-May-2021Timothy Eyoma

Timothy Eyoma

Lincoln City England29-Jan-200021(111)
19-May-2021Anthony Scully

Anthony Scully

Lincoln City England19-Apr-199922(31)
18-May-2021Elliot Embleton

Elliot Embleton

Blackpool England02-Apr-199922(47)
21-May-2021Jordan Lawrence-Gabriel

Jordan Lawrence-Gabriel

Blackpool England25-Sep-199822(239)
18-May-2021Rob Atkinson

Rob Atkinson

Oxford United England13-Jul-199822(310)
19-May-2021Regan Poole

Regan Poole

Lincoln City Wales18-Jun-199822(336)
19-May-2021Tayo Edun

Tayo Edun

Lincoln City England14-May-199823(5)
19-May-2021Lewis Montsma

Lewis Montsma

Lincoln City Netherlands25-Apr-199823(24)
18-May-2021Daniel Ballard

Daniel Ballard

Blackpool Northern Ireland22-Sep-199723(238)
18-May-2021Mark Sykes

Mark Sykes

Oxford United Northern Ireland04-Aug-199723(287)
18-May-2021Olamide Shodipo

Olamide Shodipo

Oxford United Republic of Ireland05-Jul-199723(317)
18-May-2021Dan Agyei

Dan Agyei

Oxford United England01-Jun-199723(351)
18-May-2021Elliott Moore

Elliott Moore

Oxford United England16-Mar-199724(63)
18-May-2021Demetri Mitchell

Demetri Mitchell

Blackpool England11-Jan-199724(127)
19-May-2021Harry Anderson

Harry Anderson

Lincoln City England09-Jan-199724(130)
30-May-2021Jordan Thorniley

Jordan Thorniley

Blackpool England24-Nov-199624(187)
18-May-2021Jerry Yates

Jerry Yates

Blackpool England10-Nov-199624(189)
18-May-2021Brandon Barker

Brandon Barker

Oxford United England04-Oct-199624(226)
19-May-2021Denver Hume

Denver Hume

Sunderland England11-Aug-199624(281)
22-May-2021Alex Palmer

Alex Palmer

Lincoln City England10-Aug-199624(285)
21-May-2021Ethan Robson

Ethan Robson

Blackpool England25-Jul-199624(300)
18-May-2021Jack Stevens

Jack Stevens

Oxford United England11-Jul-199624(311)
19-May-2021Ross C Stewart

Ross C Stewart

Sunderland Scotland11-Jul-199624(312)
18-May-2021Cameron Brannagan

Cameron Brannagan

Oxford United England09-May-199625(9)
19-May-2021Lynden Gooch

Lynden Gooch

Sunderland United States24-Dec-199525(147)
18-May-2021Keshi Anderson

Keshi Anderson

Blackpool England15-Nov-199525(185)
18-May-2021Jamie Hanson

Jamie Hanson

Oxford United England10-Nov-199525(190)
30-May-2021CJ Hamilton

CJ Hamilton

Blackpool England23-Mar-199526(69)
18-May-2021Elliott Lee

Elliott Lee

Oxford United England16-Dec-199426(154)
30-May-2021Grant Ward

Grant Ward

Blackpool England05-Dec-199426(177)
19-May-2021Luke O

Luke O'Nien

Sunderland England21-Nov-199426(180)
19-May-2021Jordan Jones

Jordan Jones

Sunderland Northern Ireland24-Oct-199426(208)
19-May-2021Jorge Grant

Jorge Grant

Lincoln City England26-Sep-199426(236)
19-May-2021Adam Jackson

Adam Jackson

Lincoln City England18-May-199427(1)
22-May-2021Callum McFadzean

Callum McFadzean

Sunderland Scotland16-Jan-199427(126)
19-May-2021Conor McGrandles

Conor McGrandles

Lincoln City Scotland12-Jan-199427(127)
18-May-2021James Husband

James Husband

Blackpool England03-Jan-199427(135)
19-May-2021Tom Hopper

Tom Hopper

Lincoln City England14-Dec-199327(156)
18-May-2021Anthony Forde

Anthony Forde

Oxford United Republic of Ireland16-Nov-199327(183)
18-May-2021Josh Ruffels

Josh Ruffels

Oxford United England23-Oct-199327(207)
22-May-2021Aiden O

Aiden O'Brien

Sunderland Republic of Ireland04-Oct-199327(230)
18-May-2021Kevin Stewart

Kevin Stewart

Blackpool England07-Sep-199327(253)
18-May-2021Alex Rodriguez Gorrin

Alex Rodriguez Gorrin

Oxford United Spain01-Aug-199327(290)
19-May-2021Max Power

Max Power

Sunderland England27-Jul-199327(296)
18-May-2021Luke Garbutt

Luke Garbutt

Blackpool England21-May-199327(362)

MD = Match date,

DOB = Date Of Birth,

A(D) = Age(Days).