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Club Statistics for Sky Bet League Two 20/21

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Sky Bet League Two 20/21 Youngest appearances

MD Players Clubs Nationality DOB A(D)
19-Sep-2020Finley Hurford-Lockett

Finley Hurford-Lockett

Bolton Wanderers England10-Apr-200317(163)
12-Sep-2020Marley Marshall

Marley Marshall

Colchester United England22-Oct-200217(326)
12-Sep-2020Ethan Walker

Ethan Walker

Carlisle United England28-Jul-200218(47)
19-Sep-2020Joseph Starbuck

Joseph Starbuck

Grimsby Town England03-Aug-200218(48)
12-Sep-2020Duncan Idehen

Duncan Idehen

Grimsby Town England03-Jul-200218(72)
19-Sep-2020Finn Cousin-Dawson

Finn Cousin-Dawson

Bradford City England04-Jul-200218(78)
12-Sep-2020Reece Staunton

Reece Staunton

Bradford City England10-Dec-200118(277)
12-Sep-2020Jack Smith

Jack Smith

Stevenage England15-Sep-200118(363)
12-Sep-2020Joshua Griffiths

Joshua Griffiths

Cheltenham Town England05-Sep-200119(7)
12-Sep-2020Kwame Poku

Kwame Poku

Colchester United England11-Aug-200119(32)
19-Sep-2020Jake Young

Jake Young

Forest Green Rovers England22-Jul-200119(59)
12-Sep-2020Terry Taylor

Terry Taylor

Grimsby Town Wales29-Jun-200119(75)
12-Sep-2020Terrell Egbri

Terrell Egbri

Southend United England21-Jun-200119(83)
12-Sep-2020Alfie Bates

Alfie Bates

Walsall England03-May-200119(132)
12-Sep-2020Noah Chilvers

Noah Chilvers

Colchester United England22-Feb-200119(202)
12-Sep-2020Tyrese Sinclair

Tyrese Sinclair

Mansfield Town England04-Feb-200119(220)
12-Sep-2020Jack Armer

Jack Armer

Carlisle United Scotland16-Jan-200119(239)
12-Sep-2020Richard Taylor

Richard Taylor

Southend United England02-Oct-200019(345)
12-Sep-2020Finn Azaz

Finn Azaz

Cheltenham Town England07-Sep-200020(5)
12-Sep-2020Ruel Sotiriou

Ruel Sotiriou

Leyton Orient Cyprus24-Aug-200020(19)
12-Sep-2020Will Dean

Will Dean

Exeter City England07-Aug-200020(36)
12-Sep-2020Danny Preston

Danny Preston

Grimsby Town England06-Aug-200020(37)
12-Sep-2020Lee O

Lee O'Connor

Tranmere Rovers Republic of Ireland28-Jul-200020(46)
12-Sep-2020Billy Crellin

Billy Crellin

Bolton Wanderers England30-Jun-200020(74)
12-Sep-2020Udoka Godwin-Malife

Udoka Godwin-Malife

Forest Green Rovers England09-May-200020(126)
12-Sep-2020Joshua Kayode

Joshua Kayode

Carlisle United Nigeria04-May-200020(131)
19-Sep-2020Sammie McLeaod

Sammie McLeaod

Colchester United England23-Apr-200020(149)
12-Sep-2020Isaac Hutchinson

Isaac Hutchinson

Southend United England10-Apr-200020(155)
19-Sep-2020Elliot Bonds

Elliot Bonds

Cheltenham Town Guyana23-Mar-200020(180)
12-Sep-2020Elliot Watt

Elliot Watt

Bradford City Scotland11-Mar-200020(185)
12-Sep-2020Kane Wilson

Kane Wilson

Forest Green Rovers England11-Mar-200020(185)
12-Sep-2020Eren Kinali

Eren Kinali

Southend United England24-Feb-200020(201)
19-Sep-2020Ryan Cooney

Ryan Cooney

Morecambe England26-Feb-200020(206)
19-Sep-2020George Lloyd

George Lloyd

Cheltenham Town England11-Feb-200020(221)
12-Sep-2020George Hornshaw

George Hornshaw

Scunthorpe United England20-Jan-200020(236)
12-Sep-2020Saikou Janneh

Saikou Janneh

Newport County The Gambia11-Jan-200020(245)
12-Sep-2020Scott Wilson

Scott Wilson

Barrow England10-Jan-200020(246)
19-Sep-2020Brandon Cooper

Brandon Cooper

Newport County Wales14-Jan-200020(249)
12-Sep-2020Jordan Bedeau

Jordan Bedeau

Scunthorpe United England24-Dec-199920(263)
12-Sep-2020Joshua Key

Joshua Key

Exeter City England19-Nov-199920(298)
12-Sep-2020George Tanner

George Tanner

Carlisle United England16-Nov-199920(301)
12-Sep-2020Thomas Haymer

Thomas Haymer

Oldham Athletic England16-Nov-199920(301)
19-Sep-2020Leon Davies

Leon Davies

Cambridge United England22-Nov-199920(302)
12-Sep-2020Arthur Read

Arthur Read

Stevenage England03-Nov-199920(314)
12-Sep-2020Joel Randall

Joel Randall

Exeter City England29-Oct-199920(319)
19-Sep-2020Lewis Freestone

Lewis Freestone

Cheltenham Town England26-Oct-199920(329)
12-Sep-2020Liam Kitching

Liam Kitching

Forest Green Rovers England01-Oct-199920(347)
12-Sep-2020Jamie Cumming

Jamie Cumming

Stevenage England04-Sep-199921(9)
12-Sep-2020Archie Collins

Archie Collins

Exeter City England31-Aug-199921(13)
19-Sep-2020Tom Clifford

Tom Clifford

Southend United England02-Sep-199921(18)

MD = Match date,

DOB = Date Of Birth,

A(D) = Age(Days).