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Club Statistics for Sky Bet League Two Playoffs 19/20

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Sky Bet League Two Playoffs 19/20 Youngest appearances

MD Players Clubs Nationality DOB A(D)
18-Jun-2020Kwame Poku

Kwame Poku

Colchester United England11-Aug-200118(312)
18-Jun-2020James Olayinka

James Olayinka

Northampton Town England05-Oct-200019(256)
18-Jun-2020Jack Sparkes

Jack Sparkes

Exeter City England29-Sep-200019(262)
22-Jun-2020Jayden Richardson

Jayden Richardson

Exeter City England04-Sep-200019(291)
18-Jun-2020Callum Morton

Callum Morton

Northampton Town England19-Jan-200020(151)
18-Jun-2020Archie Collins

Archie Collins

Exeter City England31-Aug-199920(292)
22-Jun-2020Ben Seymour

Ben Seymour

Exeter City England16-Apr-199921(68)
18-Jun-2020Jake Doyle-Hayes

Jake Doyle-Hayes

Cheltenham Town Republic of Ireland30-Dec-199821(171)
18-Jun-2020Scott Wharton

Scott Wharton

Northampton Town England03-Oct-199722(259)
18-Jun-2020Courtney Senior

Courtney Senior

Colchester United England30-Jun-199722(354)
18-Jun-2020Ben Stevenson

Ben Stevenson

Colchester United England23-Mar-199723(87)
18-Jun-2020Lewis Ward

Lewis Ward

Exeter City England05-Mar-199723(105)
18-Jun-2020Randell Williams

Randell Williams

Exeter City England30-Dec-199623(170)
18-Jun-2020Owen Evans

Owen Evans

Cheltenham Town Wales28-Nov-199623(202)
22-Jun-2020Miles Welch-Hayes

Miles Welch-Hayes

Colchester United England25-Oct-199623(240)
18-Jun-2020Ryan Broom

Ryan Broom

Cheltenham Town Wales04-Sep-199623(287)
18-Jun-2020Cohen Bramall

Cohen Bramall

Colchester United England02-Apr-199624(77)
18-Jun-2020William Boyle

William Boyle

Cheltenham Town Scotland01-Sep-199524(291)
18-Jun-2020Charlie Goode

Charlie Goode

Northampton Town England03-Aug-199524(320)
18-Jun-2020Harry Smith

Harry Smith

Northampton Town England18-May-199525(32)
18-Jun-2020Tom Lapslie

Tom Lapslie

Colchester United England05-May-199525(45)
18-Jun-2020Sean Long

Sean Long

Cheltenham Town Republic of Ireland02-May-199525(48)
18-Jun-2020Jordan Turnbull

Jordan Turnbull

Northampton Town England31-Oct-199425(231)
18-Jun-2020Pierce Sweeney

Pierce Sweeney

Exeter City Republic of Ireland11-Sep-199425(281)
18-Jun-2020Jonte Smith

Jonte Smith

Cheltenham Town Bermuda10-Jul-199425(344)
22-Jun-2020Alex Addai

Alex Addai

Cheltenham Town England20-Dec-199326(185)
18-Jun-2020Conor Thomas

Conor Thomas

Cheltenham Town England29-Oct-199326(233)
22-Jun-2020Jonathan Maxted

Jonathan Maxted

Exeter City England26-Oct-199326(240)
18-Jun-2020Brennan Dickenson

Brennan Dickenson

Exeter City England09-Sep-199326(283)
18-Jun-2020Tom Nichols

Tom Nichols

Cheltenham Town England28-Aug-199326(295)
18-Jun-2020Ryan Watson

Ryan Watson

Northampton Town England07-Jul-199326(347)
18-Jun-2020Alfie May

Alfie May

Cheltenham Town England02-Jul-199326(352)
18-Jun-2020Luke Norris

Luke Norris

Colchester United England03-Jun-199327(15)
18-Jun-2020Charlie Raglan

Charlie Raglan

Cheltenham Town England28-Apr-199327(51)
18-Jun-2020Luke Gambin

Luke Gambin

Colchester United Malta16-Mar-199327(94)
22-Jun-2020Sam Hoskins

Sam Hoskins

Northampton Town England04-Feb-199327(138)
18-Jun-2020Rohan Ince

Rohan Ince

Cheltenham Town England08-Nov-199227(222)
18-Jun-2020Michael Harriman

Michael Harriman

Northampton Town Republic of Ireland23-Oct-199227(238)
18-Jun-2020Tom Parkes

Tom Parkes

Exeter City England15-Jan-199228(155)
18-Jun-2020Jake Taylor

Jake Taylor

Exeter City Wales01-Dec-199128(200)
18-Jun-2020Ryan Bowman

Ryan Bowman

Exeter City England30-Nov-199128(201)
18-Jun-2020Vadaine Oliver

Vadaine Oliver

Northampton Town England21-Oct-199128(241)
18-Jun-2020Tom Eastman

Tom Eastman

Colchester United England21-Oct-199128(241)
18-Jun-2020Harry Pell

Harry Pell

Colchester United England21-Oct-199128(241)
18-Jun-2020Frank Nouble

Frank Nouble

Colchester United England24-Sep-199128(268)
18-Jun-2020Paris Cowan-Hall

Paris Cowan-Hall

Colchester United England05-Oct-199029(257)
18-Jun-2020Ryan Jackson

Ryan Jackson

Colchester United England31-Jul-199029(323)
22-Jun-2020Alex Fisher

Alex Fisher

Exeter City England30-Jun-199029(358)
18-Jun-2020Ben Tozer

Ben Tozer

Cheltenham Town England01-Mar-199030(110)
18-Jun-2020Aaron Martin

Aaron Martin

Exeter City England29-Sep-198930(263)

MD = Match date,

DOB = Date Of Birth,

A(D) = Age(Days).