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Club Statistics for Sky Bet League Two Playoffs 18/19

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Sky Bet League Two Playoffs 18/19 Youngest appearances

MD Players Clubs Nationality DOB A(D)
10-May-2019Harvey Gilmour

Harvey Gilmour

Tranmere Rovers England15-Dec-199820(146)
25-May-2019Tyreeq Bakinson

Tyreeq Bakinson

Newport County England10-Oct-199820(227)
09-May-2019Regan Poole

Regan Poole

Newport County Wales18-Jun-199820(325)
12-May-2019Willem Tomlinson

Willem Tomlinson

Mansfield Town England27-Jan-199821(105)
10-May-2019Jonny Smith

Jonny Smith

Tranmere Rovers England28-Jul-199721(286)
09-May-2019Ryan Sweeney

Ryan Sweeney

Mansfield Town England15-Apr-199722(24)
10-May-2019Junior Mondal

Junior Mondal

Forest Green Rovers England27-Mar-199722(44)
12-May-2019Harry McKirdy

Harry McKirdy

Newport County England29-Mar-199722(44)
10-May-2019Lewis Ward

Lewis Ward

Forest Green Rovers England05-Mar-199722(66)
13-May-2019Shawn McCoulsky

Shawn McCoulsky

Forest Green Rovers England06-Jan-199722(127)
09-May-2019Tyler Walker

Tyler Walker

Mansfield Town England07-Oct-199622(214)
10-May-2019Nathan McGinley

Nathan McGinley

Forest Green Rovers England15-Sep-199622(237)
10-May-2019Farrend Rawson

Farrend Rawson

Forest Green Rovers England11-Jul-199622(303)
10-May-2019Reece Brown

Reece Brown

Forest Green Rovers England03-Mar-199623(67)
10-May-2019Sid Nelson

Sid Nelson

Tranmere Rovers England01-Jan-199623(129)
09-May-2019Gethin Jones

Gethin Jones

Mansfield Town Wales13-Oct-199523(208)
10-May-2019George C Williams

George C Williams

Forest Green Rovers England07-Sep-199523(245)
09-May-2019Josh Sheehan

Josh Sheehan

Newport County Wales30-Mar-199524(40)
09-May-2019CJ Hamilton

CJ Hamilton

Mansfield Town England23-Mar-199524(47)
10-May-2019Paul Digby

Paul Digby

Forest Green Rovers England02-Feb-199524(97)
10-May-2019Emmanuel Monthe

Emmanuel Monthe

Tranmere Rovers Cameroon26-Jan-199524(104)
10-May-2019Liam Shephard

Liam Shephard

Forest Green Rovers Wales22-Nov-199424(169)
12-May-2019Jorge Grant

Jorge Grant

Mansfield Town England26-Sep-199424(228)
09-May-2019Dan Butler

Dan Butler

Newport County England26-Aug-199424(256)
10-May-2019Kieron Morris

Kieron Morris

Tranmere Rovers England03-Jun-199424(341)
12-May-2019Adebayo Azeez

Adebayo Azeez

Newport County England08-Jan-199425(124)
09-May-2019Danny Rose

Danny Rose

Mansfield Town England10-Dec-199325(150)
09-May-2019Malvind Benning

Malvind Benning

Mansfield Town England02-Nov-199325(188)
10-May-2019Carl Winchester

Carl Winchester

Forest Green Rovers Northern Ireland12-Apr-199326(28)
09-May-2019Matthew Dolan

Matthew Dolan

Newport County England11-Feb-199326(87)
09-May-2019Mark O

Mark O'Brien

Newport County Republic of Ireland20-Nov-199226(170)
10-May-2019Jake Caprice

Jake Caprice

Tranmere Rovers England11-Nov-199226(180)
10-May-2019Oliver Banks

Oliver Banks

Tranmere Rovers England21-Sep-199226(231)
10-May-2019Christian Doidge

Christian Doidge

Forest Green Rovers Wales25-Aug-199226(258)
25-May-2019Keanu Marsh-Brown

Keanu Marsh-Brown

Newport County Guyana10-Aug-199226(288)
25-May-2019Adam Buxton

Adam Buxton

Tranmere Rovers England12-May-199227(12)
10-May-2019Connor Jennings

Connor Jennings

Tranmere Rovers England29-Oct-199127(193)
12-May-2019Nicky Ajose

Nicky Ajose

Mansfield Town England07-Oct-199127(217)
10-May-2019Dayle Grubb

Dayle Grubb

Forest Green Rovers England24-Jul-199127(290)
10-May-2019Liam Ridehalgh

Liam Ridehalgh

Tranmere Rovers England20-Apr-199128(20)
10-May-2019Gavin Gunning

Gavin Gunning

Forest Green Rovers Republic of Ireland26-Jan-199128(104)
09-May-2019Jacob Mellis

Jacob Mellis

Mansfield Town England08-Jan-199128(121)
09-May-2019Jamille Matt

Jamille Matt

Newport County England02-Dec-199028(158)
09-May-2019Scot Bennett

Scot Bennett

Newport County England30-Nov-199028(160)
10-May-2019James Norwood

James Norwood

Tranmere Rovers England05-Sep-199028(247)
09-May-2019Joss Labadie

Joss Labadie

Newport County England30-Aug-199028(252)
09-May-2019Joe Day

Joe Day

Newport County England13-Aug-199028(269)
09-May-2019Robbie Willmott

Robbie Willmott

Newport County England16-May-199028(358)
09-May-2019Alex MacDonald

Alex MacDonald

Mansfield Town Scotland14-Apr-199029(25)
09-May-2019Mickey Demetriou

Mickey Demetriou

Newport County England12-Mar-199029(58)

MD = Match date,

DOB = Date Of Birth,

A(D) = Age(Days).