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Club Statistics for Sky Bet League Two Playoffs 17/18

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Sky Bet League Two Playoffs 17/18 Youngest appearances

MD Players Clubs Nationality DOB A(D)
12-May-2018Tom Bayliss

Tom Bayliss

Coventry City England06-Apr-199919(36)
12-May-2018Jordan Ponticell

Jordan Ponticell

Coventry City England10-Sep-199819(244)
28-May-2018Kyle Edwards

Kyle Edwards

Exeter City England17-Feb-199820(100)
12-May-2018Scott Wharton

Scott Wharton

Lincoln City England03-Oct-199720(221)
12-May-2018Jordan Shipley

Jordan Shipley

Coventry City England26-Sep-199720(228)
12-May-2018Jordan Storey

Jordan Storey

Exeter City England02-Sep-199720(252)
12-May-2018Matty Virtue-Thick

Matty Virtue-Thick

Notts County England02-May-199721(10)
12-May-2018Harry Anderson

Harry Anderson

Lincoln City England09-Jan-199721(123)
28-May-2018Matt Jay

Matt Jay

Exeter City England27-Feb-199622(91)
12-May-2018Hiram Boateng

Hiram Boateng

Exeter City England08-Jan-199622(125)
12-May-2018Dominic Hyam

Dominic Hyam

Coventry City Scotland20-Dec-199522(144)
12-May-2018Sean Long

Sean Long

Lincoln City Republic of Ireland02-May-199523(10)
12-May-2018Christy Pym

Christy Pym

Exeter City England24-Apr-199523(18)
12-May-2018Jorge Grant

Jorge Grant

Notts County England26-Sep-199423(228)
12-May-2018Pierce Sweeney

Pierce Sweeney

Exeter City Republic of Ireland11-Sep-199423(243)
18-May-2018Jordan Willis

Jordan Willis

Coventry City England24-Aug-199423(267)
12-May-2018Jonson Clarke-Harris

Jonson Clarke-Harris

Coventry City England20-Jul-199423(296)
12-May-2018Elliott Hewitt

Elliott Hewitt

Notts County Wales30-May-199423(347)
12-May-2018Jack Grimmer

Jack Grimmer

Coventry City Scotland01-Feb-199424(100)
12-May-2018Jordan Moore-Taylor

Jordan Moore-Taylor

Exeter City England24-Jan-199424(108)
12-May-2018Elliott Whitehouse

Elliott Whitehouse

Lincoln City England27-Oct-199324(197)
12-May-2018Jayden Stockley

Jayden Stockley

Exeter City England10-Oct-199324(214)
12-May-2018Alex Woodyard

Alex Woodyard

Lincoln City England03-May-199325(9)
12-May-2018Jordan Tilson

Jordan Tilson

Exeter City England05-Mar-199325(68)
12-May-2018Lee Burge

Lee Burge

Coventry City England09-Jan-199325(123)
12-May-2018Marc McNulty

Marc McNulty

Coventry City Scotland14-Sep-199225(240)
12-May-2018Ryan Allsop

Ryan Allsop

Lincoln City England17-Jun-199225(329)
12-May-2018Tom Davies

Tom Davies

Coventry City England18-Apr-199226(24)
12-May-2018Oliver Palmer

Oliver Palmer

Lincoln City England21-Jan-199226(112)
12-May-2018Thomas Pett

Thomas Pett

Lincoln City England03-Dec-199126(161)
12-May-2018Jake Taylor

Jake Taylor

Exeter City Wales01-Dec-199126(163)
12-May-2018Liam Noble

Liam Noble

Notts County England08-May-199127(4)
12-May-2018Chris Stokes

Chris Stokes

Coventry City England08-Mar-199127(65)
12-May-2018Maxime Biamou

Maxime Biamou

Coventry City France13-Nov-199027(180)
12-May-2018Matt Tootle

Matt Tootle

Notts County England11-Oct-199027(213)
12-May-2018Luke Waterfall

Luke Waterfall

Lincoln City England30-Jul-199027(286)
12-May-2018Shaun Brisley

Shaun Brisley

Notts County England06-May-199028(6)
12-May-2018Liam Kelly

Liam Kelly

Coventry City Scotland10-Feb-199028(91)
12-May-2018James Wilson

James Wilson

Lincoln City Wales26-Feb-198929(75)
18-May-2018Lewis Alessandra

Lewis Alessandra

Notts County England08-Feb-198929(99)
12-May-2018Neil Eardley

Neil Eardley

Lincoln City Wales06-Nov-198829(187)
12-May-2018Troy Archibald-Henville

Troy Archibald-Henville

Exeter City England04-Nov-198829(189)
12-May-2018Michael Bostwick

Michael Bostwick

Lincoln City England17-May-198829(360)
12-May-2018Lloyd James

Lloyd James

Exeter City Wales16-Feb-198830(86)
28-May-2018Kyel Reid

Kyel Reid

Coventry City England26-Nov-198730(184)
12-May-2018Michael O

Michael O'Connor

Notts County Northern Ireland06-Oct-198730(219)
12-May-2018Matthew Green

Matthew Green

Lincoln City England02-Jan-198731(131)
12-May-2018Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones

Notts County England23-Dec-198631(141)
12-May-2018Jonathan Forte

Jonathan Forte

Notts County England25-Jul-198631(291)
12-May-2018Dean Moxey

Dean Moxey

Exeter City England14-Jan-198632(118)

MD = Match date,

DOB = Date Of Birth,

A(D) = Age(Days).