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Club Statistics for Premier League 93/94

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Premier League 93/94 Youngest appearances

MD Players Clubs Nationality DOB A(D)
24-Nov-1993David Beresford

David Beresford

Oldham Athletic England11-Nov-197617(13)
26-Sep-1993Stephen Carr

Stephen Carr

Tottenham Hotspur Republic of Ireland29-Aug-197617(28)
24-Aug-1993Willie Boland

Willie Boland

Coventry City Republic of Ireland06-Aug-197518(19)
18-Sep-1993Darren Eadie

Darren Eadie

Norwich City England10-Jun-197518(101)
14-Aug-1993Andy Turner

Andy Turner

Tottenham Hotspur England28-Mar-197518(140)
25-Aug-1993Neal Bartlett

Neal Bartlett

Southampton England07-Apr-197518(141)
25-Sep-1993Robbie Fowler

Robbie Fowler

Liverpool England09-Apr-197518(170)
07-May-1994Mark Ford

Mark Ford

Leeds United England10-Nov-197518(179)
23-Mar-1994Chris Holland

Chris Holland

Newcastle United England11-Sep-197518(194)
04-May-1994Michael Duberry

Michael Duberry

Chelsea England14-Oct-197518(203)
14-Aug-1993Noel Whelan

Noel Whelan

Leeds United England30-Dec-197418(228)
16-Oct-1993Nicky Butt

Nicky Butt

Manchester United England21-Jan-197518(269)
14-Aug-1993Tony Sheridan

Tony Sheridan

Coventry City Republic of Ireland21-Oct-197418(298)
28-Aug-1993Neil Shipperley

Neil Shipperley

Chelsea England30-Oct-197418(303)
30-Oct-1993Steve Robinson

Steve Robinson

Tottenham Hotspur Northern Ireland10-Dec-197418(325)
14-Aug-1993Sol Campbell

Sol Campbell

Tottenham Hotspur England18-Sep-197418(331)
20-Sep-1993Richard Edghill

Richard Edghill

Manchester City England23-Sep-197418(363)
21-Aug-1993Darren Caskey

Darren Caskey

Tottenham Hotspur England21-Aug-197419(0)
23-Oct-1993Daniel Hill

Daniel Hill

Tottenham Hotspur England01-Oct-197419(22)
27-Dec-1993Richard Graham

Richard Graham

Oldham Athletic England28-Nov-197419(29)
14-Aug-1993Gary Kelly

Gary Kelly

Leeds United Republic of Ireland09-Jul-197419(36)
24-Nov-1993John Eyre

John Eyre

Oldham Athletic England09-Oct-197419(46)
14-Aug-1993Chris Bart-Williams

Chris Bart-Williams

Sheffield Wednesday England16-Jun-197419(59)
24-Aug-1993Ian Selley

Ian Selley

Arsenal England14-Jun-197419(71)
15-Jan-1994Jamie Forrester

Jamie Forrester

Leeds United England01-Nov-197419(75)
04-Dec-1993Kevin Sharp

Kevin Sharp

Leeds United Canada19-Sep-197419(76)
08-May-1994Gary Neville

Gary Neville

Manchester United England18-Feb-197519(79)
08-Dec-1993David Kerr

David Kerr

Manchester City Scotland06-Sep-197419(93)

MD = Match date,

DOB = Date Of Birth,

A(D) = Age(Days).