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Club Statistics for CONCACAF Gold Cup 2019

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CONCACAF Gold Cup 2019 Oldest goal scorers

DOB Players Clubs Nationality SD A(D) More
25-Mar-1982Alvaro Saborio

Alvaro Saborio

Costa Rica Costa Rica25-Jun-201937(91)
15-Aug-1982Joris Marveaux

Joris Marveaux

Martinique Martinique20-Jun-201936(308)
23-Nov-1982Neil Danns

Neil Danns

Guyana Guyana26-Jun-201936(215)
18-Aug-1985Bryan Ruiz

Bryan Ruiz

Costa Rica Costa Rica30-Jun-201933(315)
10-May-1986Emilo Izaguirre

Emilo Izaguirre

Honduras Honduras26-Jun-201933(45)
28-Sep-1986Andres Guardado

Andres Guardado

Mexico Mexico20-Jun-201932(265)
26-Nov-1987Armando Cooper

Armando Cooper

Panama Panama19-Jun-201931(206)
13-Feb-1988Kevin Parsemain

Kevin Parsemain

Martinique Martinique24-Jun-201931(132)
27-Aug-1988Celso Borges

Celso Borges

Costa Rica Costa Rica17-Jun-201930(294)
13-Oct-1988Gabriel Torres

Gabriel Torres

Panama Panama22-Jun-201930(251)
01-Nov-1988Scott Arfield

Scott Arfield

Canada Canada16-Jun-201930(227)
31-Mar-1989Wilde-Donald Guerrier

Wilde-Donald Guerrier

Haiti Haiti30-Jun-201930(90)
18-Apr-1989Fernando Navarro

Fernando Navarro

Mexico Mexico24-Jun-201930(66)
06-Aug-1989Kevin Fortune

Kevin Fortune

Martinique Martinique20-Jun-201929(317)
06-Nov-1989Jozy Altidore

Jozy Altidore

United States United States27-Jun-201929(233)
18-Feb-1990Bryan Oviedo

Bryan Oviedo

Costa Rica Costa Rica17-Jun-201929(120)
18-Mar-1990Herve Bazile

Herve Bazile

Haiti Haiti30-Jun-201929(102)
08-Mar-1990Dever Orgill

Dever Orgill

Jamaica Jamaica18-Jun-201929(100)
26-Apr-1990Jonathan Dos Santos

Jonathan Dos Santos

Mexico Mexico08-Jul-201929(72)
01-Jun-1990Nahki Wells

Nahki Wells

Bermuda Bermuda24-Jun-201929(22)
05-Jun-1990Junior Hoilett

Junior Hoilett

Canada Canada23-Jun-201929(17)
17-Jun-1990Kevin Molino

Kevin Molino

Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago26-Jun-201929(8)
02-Sep-1990Darren Mattocks

Darren Mattocks

Jamaica Jamaica30-Jun-201928(301)
11-Sep-1990Nelson Bonilla

Nelson Bonilla

El Salvador El Salvador18-Jun-201928(280)
31-Mar-1991Erick Davis

Erick Davis

Panama Panama22-Jun-201928(82)
05-May-1991Raul Jimenez

Raul Jimenez

Mexico Mexico03-Jul-201928(57)
28-Aug-1991Leandro Bacuna

Leandro Bacuna

Curacao Curacao22-Jun-201927(298)
02-Sep-1991Gyasi Zardes

Gyasi Zardes

United States United States23-Jun-201927(294)
07-Nov-1991Elias Aguilar

Elias Aguilar

Costa Rica Costa Rica21-Jun-201927(226)
26-Nov-1991Rubilio Castillo

Rubilio Castillo

Honduras Honduras26-Jun-201927(213)

SD = Scored Date ,

DOB = Date Of Birth ,

A(D) = Age(Days) .