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Club Statistics for 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifying Europe

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2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifying Europe Oldest appearances

MD Players Clubs Nationality DOB A(D)
11-Oct-2016Andy Selva

Andy Selva

San Marino San Marino23-May-197640(141)
13-Nov-2016Timmy Simons

Timmy Simons

Belgium Belgium11-Dec-197639(338)
10-Oct-2017Frodi Benjaminsen

Frodi Benjaminsen

Faroe Islands Faroe Islands14-Dec-197739(301)
13-Nov-2017Gianluigi Buffon

Gianluigi Buffon

Italy Italy28-Jan-197839(290)
10-Oct-2017Juli Sanchez

Juli Sanchez

Andorra Andorra20-Jun-197839(113)
10-Oct-2017Jonathan Joubert

Jonathan Joubert

Luxembourg Luxembourg12-Sep-197938(29)
10-Jun-2017Milivoje Novakovic

Milivoje Novakovic

Slovenia Slovenia18-May-197938(24)
12-Nov-2017Aaron Hughes

Aaron Hughes

Northern Ireland Northern Ireland08-Nov-197938(5)
12-Nov-2017Gareth McAuley

Gareth McAuley

Northern Ireland Northern Ireland05-Dec-197937(343)
25-Mar-2017Zoltan Gera

Zoltan Gera

Hungary Hungary22-Apr-197937(338)
11-Oct-2016Samat Smakov

Samat Smakov

Kazakhstan Kazakhstan08-Dec-197837(308)
10-Oct-2017Ildefons Lima

Ildefons Lima

Andorra Andorra10-Dec-197937(305)
05-Oct-2017Gianluca Bollini

Gianluca Bollini

San Marino San Marino24-Mar-198037(195)
10-Oct-2017Andris Vanins

Andris Vanins

Latvia Latvia30-Apr-198037(163)
09-Oct-2017Yossi Benayoun

Yossi Benayoun

Israel Israel05-May-198037(157)
11-Jun-2017David Goresh

David Goresh

Israel Israel01-Feb-198037(131)
09-Jun-2017Josep Ayala

Josep Ayala

Andorra Andorra08-Apr-198037(62)
06-Oct-2017Emre Belozoglu

Emre Belozoglu

Turkey Turkey07-Sep-198037(29)
10-Oct-2017Robert Guilling

Robert Guilling

Gibraltar Gibraltar14-Oct-198036(361)
09-Oct-2017Aritz Aduriz

Aritz Aduriz

Spain Spain11-Feb-198136(240)
02-Sep-2017David Villa

David Villa

Spain Spain03-Feb-198136(211)
13-Nov-2017Andrea Barzagli

Andrea Barzagli

Italy Italy08-May-198136(189)
25-Mar-2017Elias Charalambous

Elias Charalambous

Cyprus Cyprus25-Sep-198036(181)
01-Sep-2017Michael Mifsud

Michael Mifsud

Malta Malta17-Apr-198136(137)
13-Nov-2016Emir Spahic

Emir Spahic

Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina18-Aug-198036(87)
10-Oct-2017Constantinos Charalambides

Constantinos Charalambides

Cyprus Cyprus25-Jul-198136(77)
09-Oct-2017Ruslan Rotan

Ruslan Rotan

Ukraine Ukraine29-Oct-198135(346)
08-Oct-2017David Loria

David Loria

Kazakhstan Kazakhstan31-Oct-198135(343)
03-Sep-2017Lee Casciaro

Lee Casciaro

Gibraltar Gibraltar29-Sep-198135(340)
07-Oct-2017Kaspars Gorkss

Kaspars Gorkss

Latvia Latvia06-Nov-198135(336)
24-Mar-2017John O

John O'Shea

Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland30-Apr-198135(329)
05-Oct-2017Jan Durica

Jan Durica

Slovakia Slovakia10-Dec-198135(300)
03-Sep-2017 Bruno Alves

Bruno Alves

Portugal Portugal27-Nov-198135(281)
09-Oct-2017Peter Jehle

Peter Jehle

Liechtenstein Liechtenstein22-Jan-198235(261)
13-Nov-2016Aliaksandr Hleb

Aliaksandr Hleb

Belarus Belarus01-May-198135(197)
31-Aug-2017Aleksandr Dmitrijev

Aleksandr Dmitrijev

Estonia Estonia18-Feb-198235(195)
09-Oct-2017Tal Ben Haim

Tal Ben Haim

Israel Israel31-Mar-198235(193)
06-Oct-2017Franz Burgmeier

Franz Burgmeier

Liechtenstein Liechtenstein07-Apr-198235(183)
11-Nov-2016Patrice Evra

Patrice Evra

France France15-May-198135(181)
10-Oct-2016Timofei Kalachev

Timofei Kalachev

Belarus Belarus01-May-198135(163)
06-Oct-2017Wes Hoolahan

Wes Hoolahan

Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland20-May-198235(140)
08-Oct-2017Alessandro Della Valle

Alessandro Della Valle

San Marino San Marino08-Jun-198235(123)
10-Oct-2017Atli Gregersen

Atli Gregersen

Faroe Islands Faroe Islands15-Jun-198235(118)
05-Oct-2017Rashad F Sadygov

Rashad F Sadygov

Azerbaijan Azerbaijan16-Jun-198235(112)
08-Oct-2017Bostjan Cesar

Bostjan Cesar

Slovenia Slovenia09-Jul-198235(92)
10-Oct-2017Marc Pujol

Marc Pujol

Andorra Andorra21-Aug-198235(51)
09-Oct-2017Pepe Reina

Pepe Reina

Spain Spain31-Aug-198235(40)
08-Oct-2017Danilo Ezequiel Rinaldi

Danilo Ezequiel Rinaldi

San Marino San Marino18-Sep-198235(21)

MD = Match date,

DOB = Date Of Birth,

A(D) = Age(Days).